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Spring Valley Farms Blackberry Seedless Preserves (No Sugar Added)

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Spring Valley Farms Blackberry Seedless Preserves from Kentucky’s Finest!

(No Sugar Added)

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Spring Valley Farms Blackberry Seedless Preserves (No Sugar Added) from Kentucky’s Finest! We, the Habegger Family, at Spring Valley Farms in the rolling hills of southern Kentucky and Tennessee started making sorghum (molasses) in the mid 1960’s with the local community getting together to boil the rich sweet syrup in an open wood fired pan and have since added many new products and are still adding. Using old fashioned, home style recipes and natural ingredients, featuring pure honey, pure sorghum, pure maple syrup, chow chow, relishes, pickles, many flavors of regular and no sugar added jams and jellies and barbeque sauces. We hope you enjoy these old fashioned, home style products. With best wishes from the Habegger Family. May Jesus Christ be Glorified!

No Sugar added to this wholesome product. Sweetened with juice concentrate. Great for Diabetics or other health issues and for people dieting or watching their daily sugar intake. They still taste delicious !


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